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Your solution for Product Content Management at the next level

Are you looking for new impulses to improve product content & data management in order to optimize the quality and in-time availability of customer-centric content on the PDPs and PLPs of your Webshop? Do you want to elevate the way you create and provide SEO-optimized product assets to digital wholesale partners?  Have you been thinking of AI content creation with your master data or optimizing your translation management and linguistic memory tools?

 Based on many years of experiences within the retail industry I am here to support you on exactly that mission. With consolidated knowledge in the area of product content management I will be by your side along every step of the way in order to achieve the short and long-term goals on your roadmap!


What is Product Content?

Product content is the text, imagery and other product related information that a brand or retailer provides to B2B and B2C in order to describe its offerings. This includes product names, prices, dimensions, descriptions and anything else that further helps consumers to understand the items they are viewing in order to make a convincing purchasing decision.  The three pillars of product content:

1. Product data & attributes 
2.  Product copy & translation
3. Product & On-Model photography


What is Product Content Management (PCM)?

The term PCM is often used as a synonym for PIM (Product Information Management). PCM is a database application that uses product-related information of a company to centralize, manage, synchronize, enrich and to provide it to various media channels and systems. When it comes to customer-centric product communication and marketing services PCM plays an elementary role in big companies today.  


Product Master Data

Find out how you can optimize the way you use Product Master Data from your PLM system environment to cover all needs of your regions & eCommerce Marketplaces.

Content Creation 

Guidance for content creation with AI tools based on Product Master Data. Workflow automation and simplification through PIM interface improvement for copywriters. 

Systems & processes

Identify gaps and find synergies in your eCommerce system infrastructure. Improve the efficiency and speed of your content team to save costs and guarantee content delivery in time based on your internal delivery dates. 

Translation Management 

Train a translation memory to work efficiently with your editorial history. Automate submissions to and from your translation agency. Create a bundle logic based on product delivery dates to avoid last-minute requests with high costs. 

Client portfolio

I have worked together with various fashion retailers such as HUGO BOSS and PUMA on developing inhouse product content management systems, onboarding various stakeholders as well as managing product data and attributes for onsite optimization.

Why working with The Product Page?

My achievments 

HUGO BOSS // Conception, evaluation and implementation of a product content management system as a precondition for HUGO BOSS to become Omni-Channel. Revision of the standard processes for the creation of product content to secure on-time availablility as well as constant high-quality. Improved the content delivery for product copy and translations from 45% to 99% on-time. Constant improvement and development of operative processes and IT solutions.

PUMA // Building and developing the Content Operations team. Providing PLM trainings for eCom relevant data maintenance. Creation of new mandatory eCom attributes and securing master data flow: From PLM systems to PIM until SFCC. Navigation/Filter development and elevated PDP assets planning. Enhancement of a FlexUI for copywriters within PIM for an improved content creation process. Automation of translation submissions. AI product content creation based on Product Master Data from PIM. 

The Motivation

The driver behind starting the product page is to keep learning and growing within the area of product content management by working closely with different customers and brands of different sizes on the comparable challenges of the business area today.

Companies grew and developed differently over the past years from a technical point of view but all of them pursue the same outcome today: To be more customer-centric, personalised and automated in their whole product data chain.

It excites me to tackle this challenge and develop individual solutions with you for your business case in order to deliver great results. 

What are you waiting for?

I believe in what I do - And I want to support you with what you need. 
Do you want to learn more about my services and find out how we can collaborate? Take a look around my website and see how we can work together. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free call now for a first virtual exchange!