About me

First of all, I truly love what I am doing. It is no secret that I am a digital enthusiast who enjoyes to communicate in order to bring people together on a shared mission.  I see myself as a good listener and bridge-builder between developers and the actual business needs. It fuels me to see my client's visions coming to life, to help them grow their potential and to be able to see the actual results we achieved together.

Clients & achievments


Conception, evaluation and implementation of a product content management system as a precondition for HUGO BOSS to become Omni-Channel. Revision of the standard processes for the creation of product content to secure on-time availablility as well as constant high-quality. Improved the content delivery for product copy and translations from 45% to 99% on-time. Constant improvement and development of operative processes and IT solutions. Organisation of quarterly collection presentations for copywriters, editors and all HUGO BOSS business units. Coordination of internal & external interfaces to ensure on-time and high quality delivery of product content for hugoboss.com in EMEA, US & China. 

IU International University

Author/ Creation of teaching and learning content for the lecture module „Digital Product Content Management in the fashion industry“ within the newly created fashion management program at the International University.


Building and coordinating the Content Operations team within Global eCommerce. Working in the business and on the business: Continuous development of smart and efficient technical solutions, data and process automations. Improving product data flow and accuracy throughout the IT infrastructure from PLM systems across PIM until frontend applications. Defining and developing mandatory attributes for global eCommerce in order to optimise product content and filters on various marketplaces (Puma.com, Amazon, Zalando, About You, Footlocker and many more)

My Story

After finishing my high school degree in Berlin I wanted to become a journalist. As a consequence I started an internship in the editorial department at Axel Springer but I realized that instead of becoming a full-time content creator I rather wanted to focus on an economic knowledge foundation. The reason behind: Besides my interest in creative production and languages I have always been talented with numbers and general management. For that reason I decided to study media economics at the university of media in Stuttgart. The program combines economic aspects and the management of media with issues of media design and production as well as reflection on their technical basis, social significance and impact. A media economist has a say in the planning, implementation and use of various media.   

During my Bachelor studies I have been working for ESCADA,  Breuninger, Peek&Cloppenburg, a communication agency in Berlin called K-MB and eventually I joined HUGO BOSS as a working student. I wrote my Bachelor thesis in the Strategic Marketing department where I was doing quantitative research with customer data. Directly after I finished my studies I started as a Junior Manager at HUGO BOSS. A few months later I was promoted to Content Manager within the Digital Publishing Team to build and develop the in-house Product Content Management system for product copy and translation as well as to onboard and train the various stakeholders in the process chain for content creation. This experience was a game changer for me: I realized that I am really good at what I was doing and I truly enjoyed it.

As a consequence I topped my working experiences with a Master degree in leadership in digital communication from the University of St.Gallen which I did in part-time with HUGO BOSS. The program provides up-to-date know-how in the field of digital communication, strategies for the efficient management of employees and innovation techniques in order to apply design and scientific methods or findings, to shape the various areas of digital communication and to think critical about information carriers.
Within almost 4 years my team and I have brought PCM at HUGO BOSS to life with four deliverables: PCM Image, PCM Sales Text and Translation, GPCM, License Cockpit & a PCM Manual Download Tool. The Setup enables a smooth and time-saving production process for product content on owned Marketplaces as well as digital wholesale globally and is the precondition for successful omni-channel retail. In order to develop further I decided to make a side-step and work for other brands in the retail industry along with freelance consulting.

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My motivation?
Empower & support

Companies grew differently over the past  decades from a technical point of view but all of them pursue the same outcome today: To be more customer-centric, personalised and automated in their whole product data chain. It excites me to tackle this challenge and develop individual solutions with you for your business case!

My motivation?
Skill development

The driver behind starting the product page was that I wanted to continue learning and growing for my personal and professional development by working closely with different customers or brands of different sizes on the comparable challenges of the business area today.  

My motivation?
Growing my network

I am excited about exchanging with other professionals in the industry in order to stay connected, support and learn from each other. 

What are you waiting for?

I believe in what I do - And I want to support you with what you need. 
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