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Level-up content creation for Product Detail Pages

Improve the quality and on-time availability of the content components on your Product Detail Page (PDP) for more product lifecycle efficiency, increasing conversion rates and less returns.

Product Master Data

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Execute a product master data cleanup throughout your IT systems in order to optimize the way you sell products in your webshop in a more customer-centric way. Improve data maintenance completeness, consistency and quality by power users throughout your IT infrastructure: From PLM systems through PIM and aggregators until frontend applications (E.g. Salesforce Cloud Commerce, Magento, Sanity, Contentful). 

Mandatory eCommerce attributes 

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Master data gaps can lead to poor content quality, which can have a crucial impact on the digital sales performance, influences return rates and in the worst case disables a product from going live at all, not only on owned marketplaces. Develop mandatory attributes for your digital commerce to ensure product data completeness and consistency across the entire technical system infrastructure. 

Processes & systems

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Improve the efficiency and speed of your content team to save costs and guarantee content delivery in time based on your internal delivery dates.  Provide optimum guidance to PIM/PCM users in your regional and global teams. Identify development potential and find synergies in your eCommerce system infrastructure. Find new technical solutions for your content challenges.

Copywriting & AI

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Guidance for source copy and image creation with AI tools based on master data. SEO keyword optimization. Create a logic to reference existing content for seasonal carryovers to safe costs. Develop a user interface for internal writers or external agencies for a more efficient, time-saving workflow in PIM/PCM. Develop a dynamic assortment logic for your seasonal buys as an accurte working foundation for your global and regional content creation.

Translation Management

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Develop and train a translation memory to work efficiently with your editorial history. Automate submission sendouts to and from your translation agency. Create a bundle logic based on actual product delivery dates to avoid last-minute requests with higher costs. Add new regions and languages to your translation portfolio in PIM/PCM. 

Elevated PDP asstets

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Improve your elevated content kit-of-parts for special products and campaigns: Feature Comparison Chart, Feature Grid, Tech Glossary and more.

Size Charts

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Create regionally accurate product size charts with your master data and reduce potential return rates in your webshop significantly. . 

Level-up your Product Listing Pages

Provide the ideal shopping experience for your online customers and help them to quickly find what they are looking for by reducing the amount of clicks until add-to-chart.  

Filter development

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Develop new filter attributes and new filter values for improved PLP-navigation. Train power users and regions to use and maintain filter data in PIM, SFCC or PLM systems or automate the data flow from PLM systems completely.

Product classification & navigation

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Make sure to provide the optimum webshop experience for your customers by developing new filters, new filter values, enhanced product classification for your navigation, suitable elevated PDP assets, PLP badges and more.

PLP badges

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Tag special callouts on your PLP product windows: E.g. Sustainable callouts, product lifecycle status (New-In, Sale). Add partner logos or special treatment callouts from your hangtag or care label to the PDPs of your webshop.

& More


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Create Scorecards and tracking dashboards to collect insights on your content performance, regional usage, delivery delays and the reasons behind as a foundation for strategic decision-making due to seasonal recaps.


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Offer trainings to relevant stakeholders in your content process chain: PCM, PIM, SFCC, Contentful.

User Interface for copywriting

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Develop a user interface for internal writers or external agencies to enable a more efficient, time-saving workflow in PIM/PCM.

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