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Generative AI is disrupting the way companies do marketing - and how eCommerce content is created. Get optimal results from the latest AI providers by maintaining correct, relevant, and complete product data repositories!

Hi there, my name is Josefine. I am a content operations expert, based in Berlin. I help you to optimize your eCommerce content and processes to boost product sales and increase cost efficiency.

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About me
"My mission is to guide and assist you to be able to succeed in the new era of content creation, and to enable your eCommerce business to thrive in the changing world!"
Josefine Burkhardt

I am driven by fostering my expertise in the area of content operations, management, and strategy by developing individual solutions for my clients.
Josefine Burkhadt

First of all, I truly love what I am doing. With 10+ years of experience within the eCommerce industry, it is no secret that I am a digital enthusiast who enjoys learning continuously. I see myself as an empathic listener and bridge-builder between developers and business needs. I want to see my clients realize their visions, help them grow their potential, and see the results that we can achieve together.
I have worked with retail brands like Hugo Boss and Puma on developing content management systems and processes, training stakeholders as well as managing product content to optimize digital sales on marketplaces. An example of my work with Hugo Boss was the conception, evaluation, and implementation of a Product Content Management (PCM) system, which was the pre-condition for Hugo Boss to become omnichannel. After a revision of the standard processes, together with my team, I was able to improve the provision of global, localized product copy from 45% to 99% on time.

I hold a master's degree in Leadership in digital communication from St. Gallen University. I studied innovative techniques to shape various areas of digital communication while thinking critically about digital media channels and new technologies. Since then I have practiced the efficient management of teams as well as fostering my operational expertise in the area of content management.  

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My services

Let's find out how I can support you in achieving your business goals:

Product data clean-up, optimization, and enrichment

Your way to:
• Improve content accuracy
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Lower product return-rates
• Activation on all marketplaces
• Optimize data source systems
• Dynamic data taxonomies
• Headless content management
• Simplify composable experience
• Solutions for personalization  

Let's get your house into order: Identify crucial data gaps or inconsistencies and organize with me the available product master data in your source and CMS systems.

Why? To guarantee the most accurate and relevant sales content for your customers. It is the foundation for enabling greater efficiency, speed, and quality in eCommerce content creation, particularly for the successful adaption and use of AI technology.
The technical infrastructures of traditional retailers have developed differently over  past decades but all of them pursue the same targets today: Customer-centricity at the heart of all activities, to reduce the naturally grown complexity for simplified, flexible processes, which enable the establishment of reliable automation.
I observe repeatedly how the gap in perception between the internal world of product developers or brand managers diverges significantly from the online customer perspective, behavior, and needs. The bigger the company and its assortment variety per season, the more relevant the topic. Thus, the objective is to create a reliable, consumer-oriented, and industry-competitive product information database.

How? First, I will take a close look at your existing product attribute database and the resulting quality of content as well as related challenges in your shop. As a consequence, we would then identify data gaps and reveal uncovered data needs. Based on my clients' custom requirements and product assortments we will define mandatory attributes for your digital retail business and will train internal stakeholders on how to maintain product data correctly in the source in an eCommerce-relevant manner. Often, they are simply unaware of the power of their work's impact.

To get the desired results I will provide you with useful strategies for successful stakeholder management as well as best practice advice from my experience. Certainly, I will be there to support you with the realisation.

Start product content creation with artificial intelligence

Your way to:
• Sell more products online
• Create content fast and on-time
• Lower content production costs
• Increase shop's discoverability
• Get more page traffic with SEO
• Automate content creation
• Reduce workload for writers
• Localise languages with AI
• Train your translation memory
• Sell more on Amazon, Zalando & Co.
• Constructed product content
• Prompt engineering

The future of content is here: Get ready for automated product content creation with Artificial Intelligence (AI)  today and make the most out of your possibilities. The quality of AI service results is only as good as the data or instructions you are inputting.  Together we will find the most suitable provider and solutions for you in the increasingly complex environment of AI services.

Empower and improve the efficiency of your content team, not only to save production costs but most importantly to meet internal delivery deadlines. This is your opportunity to reduce significantly the manual workload for copywriters and editors. The team will be able to focus more on the quality of their editing by training the editorial memory, instead of wasting time with creating content from scratch or searching for product information. Your adaptation of AI will enable you to use your synergies more efficiently by identifying and reusing existing content for seasonally occurring franchises. We will also find out how to ensure search engine optimization (SEO) along the way to be ranked prominently in search engines. These opportunities will not only help you comply with the rules for your own shop content but also with the differing requirements of your digital wholesale business: Meet all needs by providing content with the correct word count and bullet-points for the relevant seasonal assortment.

I'll be there to support you by defining relevant business requirements and I'll assist you during the implementation. I am here to help you understand which steps to take, who needs to be involved, and how to navigate your stakeholders through this process of change.

 Training, processes, systems, data analytics and more

Your way to:
• Gain additional team support
• Content tracking & analytics
• Smart strategic decisions
• Evaluate and optimize PIM 
• Improve technical infrastructure
• Enhance your shop navigation
• Rework product classification
• Ensure product discoverability
• Improve competitiveness
• Introduce fresh ideas

I am available to handle projects for my clients from planning to implementation.
For a deeper understanding of content -related topics, processes, and systems I am here to advise and train your teams as well as new starters.
We will track your content readiness and reasons for delays with seasonal analytics dashboards to build a basis for forecasts of blockers. With this foundation, your strategic decision-making will improve. Furthermore, your team will enjoy greater clarity!
Analyze your internal product content infrastructure and creation processes based on industry standards. I am here to share recommendations for possible improvements.
Identify and implement new attribute needs for the filtering experience on product listing pages (PLPs) of your web shop, based on the search behavior of your customers.
Develop your product classification further for a more user-friendly shop navigation.
Get advice on optimizing your PIM interface for internal users, copywriters, editors, or external agencies to improve internal workflows. Offer your global and regional PIM users guidance, support, and training.

Why? Because content is and remains king.

How? Let's talk!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is product content?
Product content is the text, imagery, and other product-related information that a brand or retailer provides to business partners (2B2) and or direct customers (B2C) to describe its offerings. This includes product names, prices, dimensions, descriptions, and anything else that helps customers understand the items they are viewing to make a purchasing decision. The three pillars of product content are:
• Product data & attributes  
• Product copy & translation
• Product & on-model imagery

What is Product Content Management?
The term Product Content Management (PCM) is often used as a synonym for Product Information Management (PIM). PCM is a database application that uses product-related information of a company to centralize, manage, synchronize, enrich, and provide it to various media channels and systems. When it comes to customer-focused product communication and marketing services PCM plays an elementary role in companies today and is the ultimate starting point for a successful omni-channel business.

Why are complete, consistent, and relevant product data repositories crucial for the long-term success of your eCommerce business?
Master data gaps, inconsistency, and incorrect maintenance of attribute values in source systems can lead to poor shop content quality, which can result in:
1. Fewer product sales
2. Lower page traffic
3. Poor shop discoverability
4. Higher return rates due to wrong or missing product information
3. Disables a product from going live at all (Despite being in stock in the warehouse, until the season expires)

Where does product data generally flow to on product detail pages (PDPs)?
• Product title
• Product descriptions
• Detail bullet points
• Material compositions
• Care instructions
• Product measurements for size charts
• Color descriptions
• Product sizes and fit
• Fit-finder
• Prices
• PLP-sticker for special callouts (e.g. sustainability, personalization, online-exclusive etc.)
• Collaboration partner callouts & logos

How and with whom do I work?
I am currently based in Berlin, Germany. I can work remotely or in person.
I like to work with corporate clients directly or through agency partners.

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